MSPA Global Board of Directors

The purpose of the Global Board is for MSPA to have a common platform for decisions that concern the whole organization, regardless of region. The Global Board has recently developed a new graphic program for MSPA with logotypes, membership certificates and templates so that MSPA can be identified as one solid organization. MSPA Ethics, Standards and Membership Criteria should be the same in all regions and the Global Board is the forum where these decisions can be made, with all regions participating. The Global Board is also the place where the regional boards can exchange experiences and learn from each other. 

The Founders and all MSPA Regions are represented in the MSPA Global Board of Directors.

Stefaan Vandroogenbroeck

Chairman MSPA Global
TLS - ToplevelServices - France

Stefaan is Managing Director at TLS - ToplevelServices 

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Selim Saad

Vice Chairman - MSPA Global
REACH S.A.L - Lebanon

Selim Saad, Regional Director for the  Levant and North Africa at REACH (Research and Consulting House) 

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Zaheer Ghani

MSPA Asia Pacific
Shaw Hotels & Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd. - India

Along with Shaw Hotels, Zaheer is actively involved in Sales & Marketing of ShawMan Software Pvt Ltd. 

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Sam Hersey

MSPA Americas

The Consumer Insight (TCI)
Sam is co-founder and COO of The Consumer Insight (TCI)

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Stan Hart

MSPA Americas
Alta360 Research - USA

Mr. Hart currently the President & CEO of Alta360 Research...

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Luis Duarte

MSPA Europe/Africa
More Results - Portugal

Luis is Managing Director at More Results 

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Václav Šojdel

MSPA Europe/Africa
Market Vision s.r.o. - Czech Republic

Vaclav is Country Manager at Market Vision s.r.o. 

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Veronica Boxberg Karlsson

MSPA-EU Founder
Better Business World Wide - Sweden

Founder of MSPA Europe (2001) and Better Business World Wide (1995) 

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Mike Bare

MSPA Co-Founder
TLS - ToplevelServices - France

BARE International - USA

Michael is a modern day pioneer of the Mystery Shopping Industry...

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Aftab Anwar

MSPA-AP Founder
Startex Marketing - Pakistan

Aftab has more than 15 years of Mystery Shopping experience 

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