Mike Bare

MSPA Co-Founder
BARE International - USA

Michael Bare is a modern day pioneer of the Mystery Shopping Industry. 

It began in 1987 when he and his wife (Dale) founded Restaurant & Hotel Services, now known as Bare International (www.bareinternational.com)

Today BARE is one of the largest global organizations specializing in Mystery Customer Research, Audits and Customer Service Measurement, for all industry segments. 

BARE has its corporate office in Fairfax, VA, USA with other business offices in Antwerp – Belgium (2001), Mumbai – India (2004), Shanghai – China (2005), Sao Paulo - Brazil (2006) Santiago Chile (2008), Budapest (2010) and Singapore (2012).  From these offices, services are provided in over 137 countries, with a staff of over 250, speaking 32 different languages.   

In 1997, Mike co-founded the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association, (www.mystery shop.org) now a global association (US, Europe, Asia and LA) of similar companies committed to the consistency and quality of the industry deliverable.  Mike served on the global board and in 2013 was elected as the Global Association Chairman.  

Mike is also a member of the prestigious ISHC, (International Society of Hospitality Consultants (www.ISHC.org).  In 2008 BARE was recognized as one of the top 10 Global Hospitality Consultants.  

Always looking at new opportunities, as well ways to revolutionize customer service training, in 2001 Mike founded Video Eyes LLC, a firm specializing in the use of hidden video for the staff self-training.  

In 2009, he co-founded Optimum Audits, specializing in retail center audits for developers.

Bare International was listed as one of the Inc 5000 fastest growing US firms in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

With passions of service evaluation and travel, it's only logical Mike has provided numerous presentations for business and industry worldwide. Speaking engagements include:

1) Multiple client conferences (retail clients, non-profit organizations, health & fitness clubs, hotels, Chamber of Commerce, travel & tourism)

2) NRA – National Retail Association

3) MRA – Market Research Association

4) ISHC – International Society of Hospitality Consultants

5) IACC – International Association of Conference Centers