Vaclav Sojdel

MSPA Europe/Africa
Market Vision s.r.o. - Czech Republic

Václav works as Country Manager at Market Vision Czech Republic. Market Vision is a research agency that closely focuses on Mystery Shopping, Customer and Competitive Intelligence. Their motto: "We transform information into business. We help our clients to better know their market and to improve their relationship with their customers in order to increase their sales figures."

He is a graduate economist. His passion for research first appeared during his studies at the university, when he began to devote himself to large-scale domestic and international projects in the field of competitive telecommunication intelligence, working mainly for T-Mobile.

In the area of ??Mystery Shopping, Václav has been specializing in automotive and telecommunication sector, where he acquired extensive knowledge. His great interest, in favor of the maximum satisfaction of clients, is, in particular, to fully utilize the potential of audio or video recordings, especially for subsequent individual training or coaching of employees. Another area that he is constantly developing for his clients is the use of Mystery Shopping for price, competitive and benchmark sector analysis.

Václav occasionally publishes and lectures in specialized periodicals on the collection of customer feedback and competition monitoring in the Czech Republic.

Václav successfully participated in the launch of one of the first start-ups in the area of ??"self-assessment schemes" in the Czech Republic called

About his career relationship with Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience he sometimes says: „Who else should be involved in Mystery Shopping industry than anybody from „Check“, sorry Czech RepublicJ“

Václav has one daughter. He likes hiking, cycling, running and traveling.